Martine Kwakernaak te zien bij expositie Galerie Intermezzo

de herinnering vieren Irene Oostdam

16/11/08 – 10/12/08

A exhibition in gallery I N T E R M E Z Z O about holding on to something and the need to let go.

Four years ago the sister of Irene Oostdam passed away because of the effects of skincancer. This experience changed her life and also her work.

Besides her own designs, she started a quest for stories. Stories of the past and the present. Stories about lost, but full of humour, music and the energy of life. About how to "celebrate the memory".

With her goldsmith background she would like to tell her story in metal and show the moment, the story, the feeling and the amazement. Irene: ' In this exhibition I'll tell my story and invite other to tell their stories.'

Opening hours: Wednesday-Saturday 11.00h -17.00h and the 1th Sunday of the month.