Martine Kwakernaak is a Dutch jewellery designer based in Berlin. In 2006 she graduated at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, specialized in Design&Styling. Her graduation project was an autonomous textile collection for winter 2007/2008, in which she designed textiles for fashion as well as interior. The collection shows contrasts between nature and our modern civilization, this was translated into visible contrasts in shape, color, rhythm and material.

Nowadays she is still searching for contrasts in her work. She considers her textile designs as small paintings from which products originate. All jewellery of Martine Kwakernaak are characterized by a kind of modesty. Her opinion is that material, shape or color can speak for themselves and therefore her designs are not known for excess.

Her interest lies with working existing fabrics, to create something new. She uses a lot of handicraft techniques such as knitting, embroidery, stamping and braiding. With these techniques she can achieve a refined and personal result, which makes every design unique!

For more information and to order send an email to info@martinekwakernaak.com